Story Review: Infinity, Ltd: 1963! by Julio Angel Ortiz

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Infinity, Ltd: 1963! by Julio Angel Ortiz

Former Grim Reaper Palequus and discharged cherub Peter are back!  While on a fairly innocuous personal mission at a comic convention, troublemakers–inspired by the setting and influenced by a clever baddie named Supremo–rear their heads.

I am so pleased that Mr. Ortiz is writing more ebooks featuring this pair.  When I finished this story, I felt like I came away with more cool worldbuilding, especially in regards to Palequus and what he can do.  I have a thing for angels, but Palequus is pretty badass.  The narrative does feel a little unbalanced because of this focus on him though, as I feel Peter is more along for the ride.  But I like both of the protagonists, so it’s not really a problem for me.

The way Mr. Ortiz writes Supremo is interesting.  At first he feels like that generic bad guy who is really powerful and has no real motivations but power and destruction.  But then he proves himself to be very smart and have specific weaknesses.  And by the end, there is a twist on his character that is really intriguing.  I do wish that more hints of this end twist could be present earlier in the story.  Considering Palequus and Supremo seem to have a past together, I think there are opportunities to mine that history and use it explore the characters more.

Overall, this story is fun.  There are twists where I don’t expect them, and spots of humor that hit the mark.  (Like the Facebook thing.  Oh, SO TRUE.)  I obviously enjoy the cool fantasy elements.  I do wish there were more to the ending.  Right now it feels a little too quick, like I don’t have enough time to process the revelations and what’s happening.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the actual plot ending, I just think more narrative time could be spent on it.

When comparing this short to the first Infinity, Ltd story, Unnatural Time, the two feel quite different.  Where Unnatural Time was about a mission in a setting that was brimming with the fantastic, 1963! has fantastic elements based in realistic settings.  Unnatural Time also, through plot points, spent more time with both Palequus and Peter as characters.  In 1963! there is less of that internal gaze and more focus on external action.  I think I enjoyed Unnatural Time more because of the above, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time in 1963!

Thanks to Mr. Ortiz for providing the review copy of this story.

You can find the ebook at Smashwords here for 99 hot cents!

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  1. Julio Angel Ortiz said,

    Thank you for the honest review, I appreciate it!

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