About The Library Page

Posting as The Library Page here and elsewhere on the internet where books are concerned, by day I’m known as Clara, or more commonly here on the nets as Clarity A. Bast.  I’m in my late twenties and I am a graduate student studying creative writing while living in Los Angeles.  Despite a traumatic experience with a book on my first day of kindergarten, I loved reading as a child, but never could figure out just what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I didn’t realize being a writer was a possible career until an embarrassingly late point in my life.  But the hard part’s over now, isn’t it?  I get paid to work in a building full of books, and I’m earning a degree in the art of writing books.  It seems I’ve found my callings.

It is my hope that The Wannabe Knight will be unique as a place in which I can bring all of the major parts of my life: graduate school, writing, library work, and reading together as a unique blend of lenses to the world.  There will be writing posts, library posts, book reviews, graduate school shenanigans and learnings.  There will also be many giveaways, and hopefully interviews or guest posts.  I intend to document my conversion from e-reader naysayer to enthusiast, while still maintaining my collection of physical books.  All of this will be based on my honest opinion and what I intend as goodwill.  I do not claim expertise so much as experience, but I hope it is somehow illuminating all the same.

I am a proud member of the SCBWI and the ALA.

My first professional publication is a short, creative nonfiction piece entitled “Stay.”  It is available for reading at Connotation Press.

And, yes, my first favorite book really was a medical encyclopedia… I don’t know, either.


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  1. Sophia Chang said,

    So nice to meet a fellow Asian and Angeleno!

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