Review Policy

Review policy as of September 24, 2011.

Due to a family situation this summer, I am currently backlogged for reviews.

Review requests are still welcome via email to thewannabeknight [at] gmail [dot] com,
however I am being more selective about picking up books for review at the moment.

I will reply to requests as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

I love to hold giveaways, and am open to doing interviews, blog tours, or other promotions.

I try to keep my reviews fair; they will reflect my honest opinion.

I generally read:


or some combination thereof

mostly in YA and adult, some MG.

Novels, novellas, and short stories are all welcome.

Though my main genre of interest is fantasy,
I am more lenient on genre if the story is YA.

I generally write:

-honest reviews, including both positive and negative
-from a writer’s point of view, highlighting aspects of craft
-about ways that I connect with stories personally

I generally accept:

-hard copies
-epub files
-if necessary, pdf files, preferably WITHOUT page numbers

because I read on a Nook (simple touch),
I usually convert pdf files to prevent formatting problems.

I am not compensated for any reviews that I write. 

All reviews are my honest opinion. 

All review materials are either borrowed from the library,
purchased myself, or received from publishers or authors as indicated in reviews.


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